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What year did you start at Taber Company?


What was your first position / job title at Taber Company? Engineer

What is your current position / job title at Taber Company? Engineering Captain

When and where did you start your professional career? 

1994 furniture designer for G.A.O. in Chino 

How many years have you been working in this field? 

27 years 

How has the company supported your career goals? 

It has allowed me to continue working in the craft I love

What do you like most about TABER? 

The motto "be awesome" and the people here

What was your best day at Taber Company? 

When I was told I was one of the best at what I do

What are your business / personal goals?

To continue providing for my family and hopefully one day be able to take a trip aroud Europe with them 

What accomplishment (at Taber Company?) are you most proud of? 

Working on AC Marriott and the large ceiling structure for the lobby

What project has had the biggest impact on you and why? Creating the largest reception desk for Hotel Del Coronado. It allowed me to work in traditional style furniture, which is my favorite. 

Any hobbies you would like to mention? 

I love off-roading i the dunes of Glamis and Pismo with trucks and san toys

Who inspires you?

Inspiration comes from many places at different times but my kids are always a constant reminder of love and admiration 

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can juggle 

If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be? 

Play the electric guitar by ear

Get to know me..

Adrian Del Toro

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