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What year did you start at Taber Company? 


What is your current position / job title at Taber Company? CFO

What do you like best about working at Taber Company? 

I appreciate working with people who truly are a team in helping one another however they can. If someone needs help, people are always ready to step up.

When and where did you start your professional career? Started as a CPA in Detroit, working for a dairy processor, then as Big 4 CPA with PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

How many years have you been working in this field?

I started in accounting at age 16, part time while in high school which lead me to pursue an accounting degree.

What colleges Universities, technical or other training have you attended? 

Wayne State University, Detroit, MI .  CPA certified in California and Michigan, inactive status since I don’t do audits and tax returns anymore.

What degrees have you received and from where? 

Bachelor of Science from Wayne State University, Associates Degree in Commerce-Finance from Henry Ford Community College.

How has the company supported your career goals? 

Taber provides me with experiences to keep my technical skills sharp and my creativity flowing as we tackle the circumstances of the day.

What do you like most about TABER? 

I enjoy the spirit of teamwork and support the most.

What was your best day at Taber Company? 

My best day was receiving the government approvals for Taber.

What are your business / personal goals? 

My goals are to continually learn, and help Taber become a stronger organization by providing a solid foundation for continued growth and by helping others learn and grow in their experiences and knowledge. I hope to be with Taber another 10 years.

Any hobbies you would like to mention? 

My hobbies have changed over the years, with my focus now on my grandchildren and supporting my adult children in their parenting.

Would you recommend this as a place to work? If so, why? Absolutely. Everyone is welcoming and supportive, from the first day!

If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be? 

To be able to understand and communicate in any language in the world including all living creatures.

Get to know me..

Karen Craig

Financial Officer
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