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What year did you start at Taber Company?

Feb 2011

What is your current position / job title at Taber Company?

Drafting Engineer

When and where did you start your professional career?

Oct 1999

How many years have you been working in this field?

21 years

What colleges Universities, technical or other training have you attended?

Golden West College, Santa Ana College

What degrees have you received and from where?

2 years Engineering Drafting Technology Certificate at Golden West College – 2 years Solid Works Certificate at Santa Ana College

How has the company supported your career goals?

Improving my skill by learning from Coworkers and working

What do you like most about TABER?

Nice & Friendly Employees – Comfortable working area – Clean office

Any hobbies you would like to mention?

Travel with family and friends

Would you recommend this as a place to work? If so, why?

Yes I have been worked for 4 others companies before and Taber Company is the best one

Get to know me..

Ky Doan

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