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You will receive a detailed quote, a complete submittal package, constant and clear communication, quality production and installation, and an on-time project.

TABER Company commenced operations in 2002 with the goal of developing successful business partnerships by providing the best quality product, with uncompromised service, at a competitive value.

The Taber Promise

Why Us?

We believe in doing what is right no matter the cost. Our work is a direct reflection of us; we want it to be done well. Our values (integrity, honesty, and communication) are instilled in everything we do.

Above Reproach

Taber believes there are no bounds to quality service; your expectations are our starting line. We want our work to feel personal and do not segment our business to one service.

Setting the Standard

We hire people who are good at what they do and crave improvement. We share an uncompromising drive to grow, welcoming all perspectives and embracing collaboration. Everyday we are proud of our team and their commitment to awesomeness.

Loyal Team

Taber leaders are never complacent, always looking for new ways to influence others and help them grow. They don’t just do their job, they own it.

Relentless Leadership

Since 2002, we have put our clients at the heart of everything we do. They are our “why.” We recognize true impact stretches far beyond the product; it’s about serving others. We know that trust is earned and impact is possible - by listening first, embracing new perspectives, and always having humility.

Our relationships with clients and their satisfaction are our greatest rewards. They are why we are here and the reason we challenge ourselves to step beyond the confines of millwork alone. Our metal shop, upholstery shop, and food truck have helped us to break tradition and serve others better - because our work will always be about them.

Our industry is dynamic, meaning clients’ expectations are evolving. The past 22 years have been all about sharpening our crafts to keep us at the forefront of service and technology. Our tools and software are utilized to do just that.

About Us

More than a millwork company...

Welcome to Taber Company. We want you to join us on our awesome journey.

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