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Boucle: There's a reason this fabric went viral

The texture that has swept the nation over the past two years, boucle, brings warm dimension to every space. The fabric proves that one does not have to trade comfort for style—why not have both? Unlike most cozy fabrics, boucle is not time bound to the colder seasons.

We did your shopping for you—here are our favorite boucle pieces on the market that you can order now:

Perhaps our favorite—and dare I say, a new classic—the Gwyneth Chair-- completes every space. Whether in your living room, lobby, or bedroom, this seating will catch every eye while delivering on the comfort factor as well.

Loving the texture, but not ready to commit to purchasing a piece of furniture? This throw may be the perfect way to introduce your space to boucle.

This storage ottoman is meant for a nursery, but we would argue it is the perfect addition to any space!

Another way to sprinkle in our favorite texture… these pillow cases are a perfect addition to any seating—indoor or outdoor—because of the perennial grade fabrication.

The bench of our dreams. Its neutrality makes it possible to blend into any space, while also acting as the center piece. It’s the best of both worlds.

For a bolder approach… we consider this chair to be equivalent to a piece of art.

Ready to level up your dining room? These dining chairs will do that and more.

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